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Now that summer is over, you may be noticing the effects of sun damage done either this year or over the years prior. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause a variety of skin concerns. While most people know that fine lines or wrinkles can show up thanks to sun exposure, many don’t know that issues like sun spots and spider veins can also be caused by years in the sun.

Fortunately, advancement in skin care technology has given men and women the chance to reverse sun damage. At GOLDCOAST medspa, we love recommending Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photofacial treatment to patients who are plagued with sun damage.

With IPL, we are able to use light to fight the effects of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet light. During these photofacials, we use a handheld flashgun to deliver intense light to identified areas. Thanks to the this precise method, we are able to target facial areas that are often affected by sun damage.

Spider veins, sun freckles, and sun spots are often on delicate areas of the face and neck. For many of our clients, they take extra time applying make up to cover these areas in the hopes of minimizing the appearance. With IPL photfacial treatments, we are able to significantly decrease the appearance of spider veins and sun spots, eliminating the need for extra make up or self-consciousness.

Your time outside in the sun can have lasting implications on your skin. With our IPL photofacial treatments at GOLDCOAST medspa, you won’t have to pay for your younger days of lax sunscreen use. Instead, you can step out in confidence after the damage is reversed.

Give us a call to talk more about what an IPL photofacial could do for you, or to talk about other options that may work for your skincare needs. We would be honored to guide you through the process. Let’s talk soon!

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