Hot Bathing Suit Trends This Year

Are you dreaming of beach days now that the warmer temperatures have finally started to arrive here in Chicago? While we might be a few weeks away from summer’s official start, we are already seeing the bathing suit trends that are sure to be hot this year. If you are considering a new look this season, here are a few options you may want to try on before you hit the beach.

Fruit Prints
Celebrities all over Instagram are already sporting one of the hottest trends in bathing suit fashion this year – fruit prints! While pineapples and cherries appear to be the most popular, we have also seen cute suits featuring bananas and citrus.

Sports Bras
We are loving the two piece look that features a supportive sports bra top. While you might not be – ahem – supported while playing a game of beach volleyball, these cute sports bra tops give you a unique look that helps you stand out from the standard bikini tops out there.

Polka Dots and Stripes
Patterns are big this year, especially stripes and polka dots. Fortunately, you will have a variety of choices so that you can pick a flattering style for your body type while still being on trend.

This trend gives your bathing suit a sundress feel, and you can even find smocked tops that have thin straps to complete the look. We love this trend, as it gives a more textured look to otherwise boring suits and a feminine floral pattern gives us all the heart eyes.

One Shoulder Looks
The one shoulder strap look is hot this year, and you can find it represented in one piece and two piece options. While it might make your tan line funky, we think it will looks great on any figure.

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