Here in Chicagoland, July gives weather that offers more opportunities to hit the beach or spend time outside enjoying your local street festival. When you are going to be outside, are you applying sunscreen? Here are a few facts about sunscreen that everyone should know, even if you are no longer afraid of early season sunburn.

High SPF Numbers
Choosing a high SPF number will offer you more protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Even if you don’t burn easily, your skin can still be negatively affected by the sun. Purchase sunscreen with a high SPF so that you can be as protected as possible.

Multiple Uses
Not all sunscreens are the same, and it is important that you know which to choose before you head out for the day’s activities. If you will be in the water, assure you purchase water resistant sunscreen. This choice will keep you protected for longer in the water, but you still need to reapply responsibly.

Reapply Requirements
Your sunscreen will not work all day long. Read the bottle to assure you know how often to reapply throughout your activities.

Bring Accessories
Don’t rely on sunscreen alone to protect your skin. Wear a hat when possible, and choose a cover up that features long sleeves. If there is a shady spot available, use it! While sunscreen offers great protection against the elements, and can prevent premature wrinkles or even skin cancer, the more layers of protection you have, the better.

Does your skin already show signs of sun damage? Premature wrinkles or a dulled complexion can be fixed. Give the team at GOLDCOAST medspa a call to hear more about our services.