Do high temperatures and excessive sun exposure having your skin looking red and feeling drab? While the summer season gives us the chance to enjoy spending time outdoors and traveling, the harsh elements can often leave our skin feeling parched and looking dull. Here are a few common summer skin problems that you may experience, along with solutions that could work to remedy the issue.

Flaky or Dry Skin
Your skin may seem to show signs of dryness more often in the winter, but summer can also be a peak time for flaky skin. Extra sun exposure, as well as exposure to chlorine or salt water can only add to the dryness. If you are looking extra flaky or feeling increasingly itchy, hydration and moisturization should be your main priorities.

Start by hydrating your skin from the inside out, increasing your water intake daily. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine, as those beverages only contribute to dehydration. In addition to drinking more water, up your skin moisturization game. Use only moisturizers that are scent-free and apply liberally multiple times throughout the day and before bedtime.

Red Skin
Too much time in the sun can cause sunburn more quickly than you may expect. When you are out in the sun, be sure you are applying sunscreen appropriately. Use a high SPF number and apply liberally before you even head outdoors. Once you are outside, reapply every few hours or after you have been in water. When you apply sunscreen, don’t forget your face, neck and scalp. These sensitive areas can burn easily and can cause long term problems like sun spots or premature wrinkles.

Dull Complexion
The summer season can leave skin feeling, and looking, dull and drab no matter how much hydration, SPF care, or moisturizer you use. Fortunately, you can give your skin its glow back by making an appointment at GOLDCOAST medspa. We offer a full menu of treatments that are affordable and that you can have done on your way home from work. Our practitioners are friendly and are experts in their field. You will love the results and leave the office feeling more confident.

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