The cold winds are blowing and we have already had accumulating snow this season. Winter is certainly here! While the official first day of winter does not arrive until later in December, are you already noticing the effects Old Man Winter has on your skin? The next few months can do a number on your body if you don’t make the adaptations to your daily routine necessary for healthy and happy skin. Here are the changes you need to make sooner than later.

Add more moisturizer.
You should already be using moisturizer (with SPF) in the morning before you put on makeup. However, if you don’t already use nighttime moisturizer before bed, now is the time to add this to your skincare routine. If you have naturally dry skin, you may want to add a moisturizing step for your face after a shower, a run, or a hot yoga session as well.

Don’t skip SPF.
Even though the days are shorter in the winter, you can’t eliminate the SPF in your skincare routine. In fact, if you are headed out in the snow to ski or hike, up your SPF number to assure you don’t burn.

Take care of your lips.
Your lips can become especially fragile during the winter season, so assure you give them some extra TLC over the next few months. Use a moisturizing treatment before bed and when your lips feel sore or chapped.

Skip the scents.
Scented moisturizers, cleansers, or soaps can dry out your skin. During the winter season, you need all the moisture your skin can get, so skip the scents.

Invest in yourself.
Your complexion will naturally dull during the windy winter season, no matter how much you moisturize and care for your face. You can reverse the damage done this season, and regain your glowing complexion, by visiting the experienced team at GOLDCOAST medspa. Give us a call to hear more about your options, and tell us about your skincare goals. We would love to partner with you to give you the confidence you deserve this year.