The holiday season in Chicago is beautiful and cozy, that is certain. But these next weeks are also full of extra helpings of favorite sweets, a few more glasses of champagne than usual, and more time spent snuggled on the couch. You can still enjoy your favorite holiday traditions this year, but your future self will thank you if you can find ways to remain active when the weather is doing everything it can to deter you from doing so.

Staying active in the winter season is challenging for anyone. The weather is cold and the days are short, leaving you wanting to stay under the covers than hit the gym. We have a few tips that can make staying active a bit easie
r this year, even with the snowy and cold Chicagoland winters.

Invest in the right gear.
Even though the weather is frightful, you can still get outside for a delightful workout, as long as you have the right gear to keep you warm. Prepare to spend more money, but invest in pieces that will keep you warm and cozy during your next walk, hike, or run.

Find a friend.
You are less likely to skip that spin class if you know your friend is meeting you there. Schedule classes or activities with friends throughout the winter weeks as a way to stay motivated and accountable.

Try something new.
The winter season is the perfect time to spice up your usual workout routine by trying something new. Finally take the class you have been eyeing at your gym, or take a snowshoeing class through the park district to give your muscles (and your mind) a new experience.

Reward yourself.
Staying active in the dark and cold winter season is hard work, and sometimes a bit of a reward can keep you on track to meet your goals. Set a realistic goal for yourself, along with a reward, and put it in your planner. Once you meet your goal, enjoy your reward and plan a new goal to reach.

Looking for reward ideas? How about some fuller eyelashes, great complexion, or a treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite? The team at GOLDCOAST medspa has everything you need to feel great this season. Give us a call to schedule your next treatment before the holiday season comes to a close. We will see you soon!