Men’s Skin and Facial Hair Care

Women aren’t the only ones who are paying close attention to their skincare routines during the harsh winter season. Men are taking responsibility for adapting their own skincare habits that will keep signs of aging at bay as well as eliminate acne or other skin irritations. If you are looking for ways to keep your skin healthy, especially if you have facial hair, consider a few of our tips.


Men should use a moisturizer at least once a day. Making the choice to commit to a moisturizer routine will keep fine lines and other signs of aging away, as well as make your skin appear healthy (and not dull or dry). If you already have oily skin, be sure to find a moisturizer that helps to balance your skin’s complexion instead of exacerbating it. You may also choose to skip moisturizing your facial hair area, as the extra oils there can cause irritation.

Not sure which moisturizer to grab from the drugstore or cosmetic counter? Talk to your dermatologist or a beauty professional to get their advice specific to your skin and situation.

Wash Your Face

This may go without saying, but washing your face with a good quality facial cleanser is imperative. Keep your cleanser in your shower or near your sink and make it a part of your daily routine. Facial cleansers can keep your skin less oily and decrease the appearance of acne or other irritations. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends choosing a cleanser that is mild, and that is NOT a bar of body soap.

Swap Out Your Razor

Shaving is an important part of your skincare routine, whether you realize it or not. Razor blades are notorious for harboring oils and bacteria that can cause irritation to your skin, so assure you are swapping blades every 5-7 shaves. If you are noticing a trend of red bumps after shaving, be sure you are wetting your skin and hair before you get started. Apply shaving cream and shave with a single or double blade razor (multiblade razors can cause irritation and cuts).

Don’t Be Afraid of Professional Skin Treatment

At GOLDCOAST medspa, our male clients see the benefits of our skin care services. If you are looking for a smooth and nice complexion, give us a call to learn more about options available to you. Once you try out one of our services, you will wonder why you didn’t come in sooner!