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Travel Tips for Your Skin

Spring break season is upon us, though many Chicagoans don’t need an extra excuse to ditch the cold weather and make plans to head somewhere warm. No matter if you are traveling for spring break this month or are looking ahead to summer vacation, don’t forget to take good care of your skin when you are enjoying a new view. Travel can make your skin feel dry and look dull, neither of which you want to contend with on a fun trip. Here are a few ways you can assure your healthy skin looks its best no matter where your travels take you.

Bring Moisturizer

Any seasoned traveler will tell you flying will dehydrate your skin faster than you can say “vacation”. Dry skin can lead to flareups of conditions like eczema, as well as eliminate any natural glow you had when you stepped on the plane. Plan ahead and always pack your favorite moisturizer, as well as a hydrating cream to use the night before your flight and your first night in your new destination.

Stay Hydrated

A vacation state of mind can leave you reaching for another margarita instead of a glass of water, and your skin will notice the effects immediately. Be conscious of your water intake by not skipping water breaks during your flight or road trip, as well as drinking a glass of water between your beach cocktails.

Get Sleep

A beautiful skin glow comes, in part, from healthy sleep. Assure you bring a few nighttime comforts with you when you travel so that your body relaxes and falls (and stays) asleep just as if you were at home. An eye mask, favorite pillow, and noise-reducing earplugs can be sleep-savers while you are traveling, helping to contribute to a lovely complexion.

If your skin is not looking its best before you hit the road for your next vacation, get it looking vibrant and young before you go. Our Chicago winters can leave skin dull and drab, but you can revitalize your complexion with the help of the team at GOLDCOAST medspa. Consider one of our chemical peels, facials, or other skin rejuvenation services. Call us to set your appointment today!

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