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Bachelorette Ideas That Won’t Leave You Hungover

We are barreling toward wedding season here in Chicagoland and if you are standing up for your friend this summer or fall, your social calendar is about to get quite busy. Bachelorette parties are part of the wedding festivities and cause for celebration, but more and more brides are choosing to ditch the day-after hangover. Instead, these brides are keeping alcohol on the backburner in order to keep the celebration front and center.

If you are seeking some inspiration for bachelorette party gatherings that won’t leave everyone feeling dehydrated and disappointed in the morning, try some of these ideas.

Work It Out

Make a group exercise session a part of your celebration. Try a new yoga class, bike a new path, run a neighborhood 5k, hike a new trail, or try a boot camp class together. Supply guests with matching water bottles and tank tops to move in. Exercise, no matter how vigorous, can make everyone feel great.

Learn Something New

Treat your guests to a cooking class or learn another hobby together. Your guests will love the experience and will use the knowledge long after they have returned home. Try painting, poetry, pottery, baking, or even crocheting to enjoy together.

Make Alcohol a Guest Star

You don’t have to skip the alcohol completely in order to ditch the hangover – just don’t make alcohol the star of the show. Try serving mimosas at brunch or grab a local ale after your cooking class together.

Look Great

Spa days, complete with a massage, are great ways to unwind for tense bridesmaids. However, you can up the ante by making an appointment for services at GOLDCOAST medspathat will boost confidence that lasts until the wedding day. We recommend trying an eyelash treatment or plumping your lips to look amazing in wedding day photos.

How will you make the bride and your guests (not the alcohol) the center of your bachelorette party celebration? Include the team at GOLDCOAST medspa! We would love to be a part of your busy day.

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