Boost Your Lashes with Latisse

Are your eyelashes as thick and full as they could be? For many women, a few brushes of mascara can highlight lashes and do the trick. However, lashes can thin out over time and eventually mascara just isn’t enough. If you are struggling with loving your lashes, it could be time to finally invest in Latisse® treatments. Here’s everything you need to know as you make your decision.

What is Latisse®?

Let’s start with the basics. Latisse® is an FDA approved prescription medication designed to grow thicker, fuller, and darker eyelashes. The treatment is applied to the upper lashes nightly for up to 16 weeks

About the Results

Latisse® treatments compound with time. You will be able to notice results, a specifically longer length of your lashes, within a few weeks. Then, as treatment continues, you will notice your longer lashes become fuller and darker. By the completion of treatment, you won’t need to rely on mascara daily – unless you want to!

Side Effects

As with any medication or treatment, there can be side effects for some users. Fortunately, Latisse® users experience minimal side effects, with the most common being itching. Four percent of users experienced itching or redness in the eyes during treatment.

Prepare for Success

You will apply Latisse® nightly for the duration of your course of treatment. Only put it on once per day, and if you accidentally miss a night, don’t double up the next day. We recommend taking photos of your eyes weekly so that you can see the difference as treatment continues. It is so satisfying noticing the changes to your lashes!

When you are ready to invest in your Latisse® treatment, work with the team at GOLDCOAST medspa. Our team of experienced technicians is ready to assist you in your quest for long and luscious lashes. We will be here to walk you through the treatment, answer your questions, and get you set up for success.

Call us today to get started.

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