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How Botox and Dysport Work

You’ve probably heard about Botox and Dysport. Maybe your friends have raved about the results they have had with their treatments, or maybe you’ve just heard about it online. Perhaps you are curious if Botox or Dysport would be a good decision for you. At GOLDCOAST medspa, we work diligently to educate our clients and potential clients about treatments offered in our office. 

Here’s what you need to know about Botox and Dysport, two of our most popular treatments.

All About Botox

Botox treatments were some of the first to be approved by the FDA to eliminate visible creases, like frown lines or crow’s feet. When Botox came on the market, it was a cosmetic game-changer. It was a quick treatment (less than 15 minutes) that had almost immediate results that lasted for a longer time. There was nothing else like it.

Botox works by getting to the root of what causes facial creases and lines. When injected, Botox reduces the repeated muscle activity in the face which causes the skin to appear smoother. While some clients worry that Botox will make their face less expressive, one treatment demonstrates this is simply not the case. Your technician will inject the perfect amount to keep your facial expressions but decrease your noticeable wrinkles.

All About Dysport

Dysport is an injection that is specially designed to reduce wrinkles and noticeable creases between the eyebrows. The injection is spread across five designated points across the eyebrow line. The result is immediate and extremely natural.

Dysport treatments are fast (less than 20 minutes) and the results can last nearly 5 months. This is excellent for clients who prefer to keep their medspa visits to a minimum throughout the year.

Both Botox and Dysport are efficient and affordable treatment options that reduce wrinkles and creases. We love working with clients to determine which treatment could be best for their situation. Call our office today to learn more about both Botox and Dysport; together, we will find a treatment option that is best for you.

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