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Bathing suit season is here, for better or for worse. We know that everyone should feel proud of their bodies, but it isn’t always realistic during these months of two-piece bikinis and shortie bottoms. Sometimes, a bit of extra help to smooth cellulite can be just what you need to boost your confidence and hit the beach with style.

What Is Cellulite?

If you are feeling a bit self-conscious about your cellulite, you aren’t alone. Many women and men have cellulite throughout their adult lives, and most worry about it during the summer months. Since it gives the appearance of underlying fat deposits, cellulite can make even the fittest people feel less than their best when the telltale dimpled skin makes an appearance.

While many adults begin noticing cellulite in adulthood, cellulite can begin as early as puberty. More common than you might think, cellulite generally is most noticeable on the thighs, bottom, and legs. In any case, cellulite can be a good excuse for dreading that new bathing suit or skipping the beach entirely.

What Is VelaShape?

Fortunately, you don’t have to miss out on wearing shorts or attempting to hide your cellulite. Our GOLDCOAST medspa team has had wonderful success working with VelaShape treatments on clients of all shapes, sizes, and genders.

This non-invasive treatment reduces the appearance of cellulite and smooths skin to eliminate the dimpled skin appearance. Using vacuum and tissue manipulation technology, VelaShape treatments contour the focus areas without any surgery or pain. We have seen lovely results after only one treatment, but the best results often follow our third or subsequent session.

Our VelaShape treatments can combat your cellulite in almost any area of your body. Reduce the appearance of cellulite on your inner thighs, your buttocks, stomach, arms, knees, and even neck. In just a few treatments, you will be feeling more relaxed, confident, and ready to enjoy the summer styles you have been nervous about trying.

Your body is great and you deserve to enjoy summer without worrying about your cellulite. Spending time at GOLDCOAST medspa is an investment in your self-confidence and your summer self-care. You deserve it; give us a call to make your appointment today.