Laser Hair removal Chicago

As an alternative for repeated shaving, plucking, waxing and chemical topicals, invest in permanent hair removal via laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is less traumatic for the skin and is an effective way of achieving long-lasting results.

Using advanced technology, the laser passes over the skin and targets the hair follicle’s pigment, destroying the existing hair follicle from producing new hair. This allows for a new hair follicle to bud, which is then targeted by your next laser hair removal treatment. By following this treatment flow, the skin’s follicle cells are targeted and provide permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal is safe for treatment on most areas, and multiple area and full body treatment packages are available to our clients.

GOLDCOAST medspa provides laser hair removal treatments for all skin types by using one (or both) of our FDA approved lasers. Currently, we offer treatment via the CuteraⓇ CoolGlide YAG and SyneronⓇ GenleMax Alexandrite|YAG, allowing our clinical staff to treat clients with dark and tan skin tones. Not all lasers are safe for darker skin tones, and we recommend a complimentary consultation before pursuing treatment options. Laser hair removal does not work for those with white, grey, red or blond hair color as there is no dark pigment for the laser to target during treatment.

Because only 10% to 30% of your body’s hair follicles are in a growth phase at a given time, numerous treatments are required to achieve visible results. Treatments can be performed every 4-10 weeks depending on the area being treatment, and treatment times are as little as 15-minutes for small areas. During treatment, clients may experience discomfort but may use a topical cream before treatment to reduce possible pain. Slight redness, swelling and sensitivity are normal after treatment; however, clients can resume their normal activities. The targeted hair will fall out of the follicle over the next 2-4 weeks.




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