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Has the summer sun given your skin a run for its money? Even with the most strict sunscreen use and preventative wardrobe choices (hello, stylish sun hat), summer can cause your skin to look less radiant. The hot temperatures, humidity, and exposure to the elements can leave skin feeling dry, breaking out, or worse. Fortunately, you can bring the glow back to your skin in less than an hour with a treatment of your choice at GOLDCOAST Medspa.

Chemical Peels

If you are looking for a way to look younger and more radiant, chemical peels can give you the results you want. Complete is less than an hour, our chemical peels are safe for most skin types. Our team uses PCA Skin solutions, meaning you don’t need to worry about bright red skin or excessive peeling after treatment. You’ll leave feeling great and will notice your skin is smoother and more vibrant after your treatment.

Chemical peels work well on more than your face as well; try a peel on your neck, decollete, or back to keep the rest of your body looking as great as your face. While chemical peels give outstanding results to most skin types, we have also seen excellent success when working with clients who live with skin conditions such as acne, scarring, or even hyperpigmentation.

Once you have a chemical peel experience at GOLDCOAST Medspa, you’ll love the results. You can return to have another peel every month or so to maintain your best – and most youthful – skin.


Chemical peels aren’t the only way to give your complexion the glow you want. Our GOLDCOAST Medspa staff specializes in facials, giving you the chance to relax while receiving skin rejuvenation. Our facials are multisensory experiences, leaving your skin feeling clean, smooth, and nourished. You will notice an immediate difference in how your skin feels and looks.

Our facials can be done every 3-4 weeks, and you will be on your way within the hour. If you are especially rushed for time, we can serve you in only 30 minutes, making our facials a great way to spend your lunch break.

If your skin is not looking its best, a quick visit to GOLDCOAST medspa is in order. In less than an hour, you can leave with smoother and more healthy skin. Make an appointment to reserve your treatment soon!