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March is here, and with the Easter holiday drawing near, Spring Break travel plans may be on your mind. If you are planning an upcoming trip to warmer weather, or if you are already dreaming of spending time on the beach this summer, you may feel less confident if you have cellulite. These bumps and ridges can happen anywhere on the body and can shatter the self-esteem of almost anyone.

Luckily, you can get on track to reduce the appearance of your cellulite sooner than you may think. Give a few of our tips a try and show your cellulite the door.

Drink More Water

Hydration seems to be the key to curing what ails you, and it is true again when it comes to cellulite reduction. While you cannot eliminate cellulite completely, staying hydrated can smooth out your skin in problem areas.

Avoid Salt

Extra sodium can not only dehydrate you, it can also cause fluid retention that makes cellulite look more pronounced. Keep your cellulite under control by keeping salt intake to a minimum.

Beware of Detoxification Cleanses

Some herbal supplements tout cellulite reduction due to flushing toxins through the body. However, these cleanses cause dehydration and are only very temporary; once you rehydrate, your cellulite will reappear.

Try,™ With Us

At GOLDCOAST medspa, we work with men and women to reduce the appearance of cellulite on troublesome areas of the body. We use VelaShape™ treatments to contour areas of the body with cellulite. Through a gentle vacuum and tissue manipulation treatment, our clients see results after just a few visits to our office.

VelaShape™ treatments can smooth any area with cellulite, including the backs of the thighs, the inner thighs, love handles, or arms. Give us a call to set up your appointment so that you are feeling your best when you put on your bathing suit this season.