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December may be a month for gift-giving, but it is also the perfect time to treat yourself. This year, consider services at GOLDCOAST medspa that can help you feel more confident about your New Year’s Eve plans. Take time for yourself during this stressful season, and you can step right into the new year looking – and feeling – your absolute best.

Unbelievable Skin

At GOLDCOAST medspa, we know that confidence comes from the skin. Our skin rejuvenation services are second to none in the area, giving our clients the opportunity to choose a treatment that best suits their skin type, goals, and budget. Whether you choose classic treatments like a photo facial or opt for a new approach like our “vampire” facial (yes, it’s real and yes, it’s fabulous!), you can rest assured that your skin will look years younger and dewy fresh for 2018.

Great Legs

Don’t worry about sporting that short dress for your New Year’s Eve cocktail party. The evening is too much fun to let spider veins or cellulite get in the way of feeling your best. Our laser treatment for spider veins is effective and safe, helping with the cosmetic look of your legs as well as alleviating some of the itching or other unpleasant side effects of spider veins.

If you are adapting your wardrobe to hide your cellulite, you are missing the chance to eliminate the problem. We can reduce the appearance of cellulite with our VelaShape™ treatments, and have you feeling more confident sooner than you may expect.

Ageless Appearance

Reducing wrinkles and smoothing out skin on your face and neck can take years off your age. This year, try any of our Botox or Dysport treatments and watch as your face looks even better than it has in years.

Ring in the new year with newfound confidence after your time at our office. Call us today to set up your next appointment!