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The summer bikini season is over, and your closet has made the switch from sundresses to winter scarves. How was your swimsuit season this year? Were you proud of your body, or were you lacking confidence when you stepped out to the beach? Even though winter winds have started to blow here in Chicagoland, you can begin to work on your spring break or summer body right now.

Setting Goals

It can seem intimidating to begin a body reshaping journey smack in the middle of the holiday season when cookies and pumpkin pie are everywhere you turn. However, you can make this year the year that you thrive during the holiday season and feel healthy as the ball drops to signify 2018’s arrival.

As you begin to develop your plan to maintain or reshape your body, start with a list of your reasons why you want the change. Are you looking to have more energy or confidence to play at the beach with your kids? If so, write it down and keep it close. When your routine gets difficult, or when you are tempted to fall back into your old habits, look at the list of your reasons why you are seeking a change.

Getting Help

If you are looking to eliminate the appearance of cellulite as a part of your summer body preparations this winter, your fitness routine or nutrition habits will not do it. Instead, you need the help of the team at GOLDCOAST Medspa. Our VelaShape treatments are reasonably priced and give you the results that you want.

Through a series of treatments, we help to eliminate the appearance of cellulite on problem areas of your body including your thighs, buttocks, knees, love handles, or elsewhere. Even better, treatments have no recovery time, which means you can get back to your normal day once you step out of our office.

This winter, start on your summer body. With the right goal setting, and with the help from GOLDCOAST medspa, you will be jumping into your swimsuit and shorts when warmer weather arrives.