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An increase in the number and depth of wrinkles is one of the indications of aging skin. In general, wrinkle treatments are far more effective for fine lines. Deeper wrinkles may necessitate more forceful treatments.

What Causes Wrinkles?

The following are some of the factors that contribute to wrinkling:

  • Smoking
  • Natural skin pigmentation level (more is better)
  • Sunlight and UV rays
  • Inherited genes (some families wrinkle more)
  • Subcutaneous fat loss in a person’s body

Popular Skin Treatments for Wrinkles

Cosmetic Surgery

Surgical facelifts, brow lifts, and other comparable procedures can be quite beneficial for certain people.


Botulinum toxin, a muscle poison, can be injected into the face to paralyze the muscles that cause “frown lines” on the brow, fine lines around the eyes, and other wrinkles.


A surgical treatment that is frequently carried out under general anesthesia. The treating physician sands the skin down with a revolving device.


Refers to skin sanding with a machine that contains silica or aluminum crystals.

Glycolic Acid Peels

These surface peels can only make a little improvement in the severity of fine lines.

Deeper Peels

These peels employ chemicals such as salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid to penetrate the skin a little deeper.

Laser Resurfacing

A medical practitioner will run the laser over the region to be treated numerous times until the damage reaches the center of the dermis, the natural skin’s second layer. This aids in the stimulation of the body’s natural collagen synthesis (production), which firms up drooping skin and wrinkles.

Fractional Resurfacing

Newer lasers operate in a way that differs from standard laser resurfacing. Treatments do not impact the entire skin, but rather only uniformly distributed patches surrounded by healthy skin.

Heat and Radiofrequency

A noninvasive face rejuvenation procedure that uses radiofrequency devices and infrared light sources to heat tissue.

Thread Lift

Also known as barbed suture lift, this process includes inserting medical-grade thread material into your face to stitch up your skin, providing a taut look. It’s suitable for those in their late 30’s to early 50’s.

ReFirme Skin Tightening at Goldcoast Medspa

ReFirme is a non-invasive, non-surgical therapy at Goldcoast Medspa that combines infrared light and radiofrequency energy to target wrinkled skin to tighten it and counteract laxity. The method is based on elōs technology and employs electro-optical synergy to stimulate collagen formation in the dermal layer and tighten skin.

For expert skincare, visit Goldcoast Medspa at 233 E Erie, Suite 100, Chicago, IL 60611. You can book an appointment by calling us at 312-664-2128